Sunday, May 1, 2011



Author: Meena Prabhu
Genre: Travelogue
Language: Marathi
Pages: 374
Cost: 300 Rs.
Publisher: Mauj Prakashan Gruh
First Published: 6th April 2008

Gatha Irani is travelogue written by Meena Prabhu while her trip to Iran. Before talking about the contents of the book, I will like to mention that I really like the cover of the book.
Iran is very interesting and rich country historically, culturally and recently politically also. Most travelers are not keen to go to Iran due to their hostile Government which makes even travelers comply their religious rules. Like all women cover their head all the time at all cost and many more. So Iran is generally difficult for travelers, author also had her doubts before going to Iran. But she did state in her book that although the Government of Iran is hostile, people of Iran are not. They are very welcoming and good host. Like all Islamic countries in world, there is turbulence in general Iran public. We will get to know people of Iran, culture of Iran and History of Iran through this book. And that’s what I loved most about Meena Prabhu’s books. She just explores the soul of the country, you feel like you are traveling with her. I read most of her books now and I don’t feel like I had enough. I can’t wait to get hold of another of her books.
If I have to rate this book, I will give it 9 out of 10.

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