Tuesday, April 27, 2010



BOOK REVIEW “Mrutyunjayee”

Author: Ratnakar Matkari

Genre: Short Stories

Language: Marathi

Pages: 189

Cost: 150 Rs.

Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

First Published in India: 4 October 1983

This is Ratnakar Matkari’s First book I am reading, although he is well known king of short stories in Marathi. People say Ratnakar Matkari owns factory of Short Stories where he creates new stories day in day out. I even heard that he take his job as writer like any other office job. He sits down 10 to 6 and writes a story or so every day.

As for this book it has some good stories, some not so good. This is surely not his best of work. One of my friends suggested that his specialty is Mystery, so next time I should try my hands on that genre. If I have to rate this book I will give it 5 out of 10.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shayari of Bhausaheb Patankar

१. "शायरी ऐकून माझी सांगेल जो आता पुरे
     तो रतीला चुम्बिताही सांगेल कि आता पुरे...
     तोंडही भगवन तयाचे मला दावू नका
     न जरी मंजूर हेही माझे तया दावू नका........"

२. "पौत्रादिका पाहून वाटे झालो जरासा वृद्ध मी
      जळल्यावारी सरणात कळले नक्की आता मेलो आम्ही
     आमुचे वार्धक्य जैसे आम्ही कधी ना पहिले
     मिटलेच होते नेत्र नाही मृत्युसही मी पहिले..."

३. "तुमचाच आहे अंश भगवन मीही कुणी दुसरा नव्हे
      लोळण्या पायी तुझ्या तुमचा कुत्रा नव्हे..."

४." दोस्तहो दुनियेस धोका मेलो तरी आम्ही दिला
      येऊनही नरकात पत्ता कैलासचा आम्ही दिला
      हाय हे वास्तव्य माझे सर्वांस कळले शेवटी
      सारेच हे सन्मित्र माझे येथेच आले शेवटी...."

Author – Bhausaheb Patankar

Monday, April 5, 2010

Must Read Books ............ Part7

61. Book Name: “Uun”
Language: Marathi
Author: Shankar Patil
Genre: Short Stories
Pages: 139
Cost: 70 Rs.
Publisher: Indrayani Sahitya
First Published: 5 September 1998

62. Book Name: “Zadazadati”

Language: Marathi
Author: Vishwas Patil
Genre: social, fiction
Pages: 519
Cost: 225 Rs.
Publisher: Rajhans Prakashan
First Published: 1991

63. Book Name: “The Shadow Lines”

Language: English
Author: Amitav Ghosh
Genre: Novel, Fiction
Pages: 252
Cost: 90 Rs.
Publisher: Ravi Dayal Publisher
First Edition: 1988

64. Book Name: “Katal”

Language: Marathi
Author: Ranjit Desai
Genre: Short stories
Pages: 109
Cost: 90 Rs.
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
First Edition: 1 August 1965

65. Book Name: “Comedy of Errors”

Language: English
Author: William Shakespeare
Genre: Playwright, comedy

66. Book Name: “Boots Belts Berets”

Language: English
Author: Tanushree Podder
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 223
Cost: 295 Rs.
Publisher: India INk

67. Book Name: “White Man Falling”

Language: English
Author: Mike Stocks
Genre: Fiction, Comedy
Pages: 302
Publisher: Harper Collins Publication
First Published: 2006

68. Book Name: “Kalandar”
Language: Marathi
Author: Shri. Na. Pendase
Genre: fiction
Pages: 403
Cost: 65 Rs.
Publisher: Majestic
First Published: August 1983

69. Book Name: “Dhind”

Language: Marathi
Author: Shankar Patil
Genre: Short Stories, Comedy
Pages: 129
Cost: 100 Rs.
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

70. Book Name: “Anudini”

Language: Marathi
Author: Dilip Prabhawalkar
Genre: Comedy
Pages: 163
Cost: 125 Rs.
Publisher: Utkarsh Prakashan
First Published: July 1998