Friday, August 27, 2010




Author: Vishwas Patil

Genre: Biographical novel, History

Language: Marathi

Pages: 847

Cost: 480 Rs.

Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

First Published: 28 November 2005

“Sambhaji” was eldest son of the Maratha empire founder “Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj”. He was one of the most controversial as well as bravest personalities in the history. Some historians in the last centuries and some contemporary writers have doubted Sambhaji Maharaj’s ability as a ruler. So they have portrayed him as ineffective and alcoholic person and malign his character. This was done so that people should not follow his legacy. Well they were successful for some years but eventually the truth and real “Sambhaji” understood by people. And this book by Vishwas Patil will help us understand him better. Today Sambhaji Maharaj is not only known as able ruler, passionate caretaker, military genius and he will forever be remembered for the way he accept the death. He wrote several poems including a Sanskrit poetry book “Budh Bhushan” that describes the art and science of politics along with detailed description of Raigad fort.

This is absolutely must read book for everyone. If I have to rate this book I will give it 10 out of 10.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quotes from Book "Toch Chandrama..."

१. सारे जरि ते तसेच धुंदी आज ती कुठे?
    मीहि तोच तीच तूही प्रीती आज ती कुठे?
    ती न आर्तता उरात स्वप्न ते न लोचनी
    एकांती मजसमीप तीच तूही कामिनी!

२. जेथे मिळे धरेला आभाळ वाकलेले
     अस्ताचलास जेथे रविबिंब टेकलेले
     जेथे खुळ्या ढगांनी रंगीन साज ल्याला
     माझ्या मनातला का तेथे असेल रावा?

३. काटा रुते कुणाला, आक्रंदतात कोणी
    मज फुलही रुतावे हा दैवयोग आहे!

४. मी डोलकर डोलकर, डोलकर दर्याचा राजा
     घर पान्यामंदी बंदराला करतो ये जा!

Author : – Shanta Shelake
Book : - Toch Chandrama…

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saat Sakkam Trechalis


BOOK REVIEW “Saat Sakkam Trechalis”

Author: Kiran Nagarkar

Genre: Fiction

Language: Marathi

Pages: 232

Cost: Rs. 200

Publisher: Pratima Prakashan

First Published: December 1974

This is second book of Kiran Nagarkar I read. This book "Saat Sakkam Trechalis" which literally means "Seven and six equal forty three" and you can get book translated in English by same name. Theme of this novel is ‘kya farak padata hai?’…. ‘padata hai, padata hai’ means ‘how does it matter?’… ‘It does, it does’.

It is life story of a guy in 70’s and quite a messy life for that matter. This novel is unique in every sense. It has unique language, writing style, and psychology of characters for that matter. It is complicated to read, will confuse you? You won’t understand the meaning or reference for first few pages. As the author has used so many flashback instances, as well as jumped again in present and future after every 1o pages that it was really difficult to keep up with him. If only you read every sentence in the book carefully you can put one and one together and understand the book. I think author tried to write something eliminating any barriers there could be. Kiran Nagarkar used very harsh language and characters to describe this book.

This book was first published in 1974 but it wasn’t appreciated then. In fact it was criticized really badly. May be that’s why Kiran Nagarkar moved to writing in English after this Book. The second edition of this book released in 2004 after 20 years. But book is really lot better than what this indicates.

If I have to rate this book I will give it 8 out of 10.

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quotes from Book "Vyakti Aani Valli"

१. मुंबईत राहणाऱ्या परप्रांतीयांचे 'भय्या' आणि 'मद्राशी' असे दोन स्थल विभाग मी करू शकतो. विभाग जरा स्थूल वाटला तर 'वानियाभय' असेल असा अंदाज. ह्या वानियाभायामध्ये मारवाड, गुजरात, बंगाल सारे येतात. 'शीख' ओळखता येतो; पण कालचा शीख आज ओळखता येत नाही."

२. "अहो कसला गांधी? जगभर गेला; पण रत्नांग्रीस फारसा आला नाही. पक्का तो! त्यास नेमकं ठाऊक इथं त्याच्या पंच्याच कौतुक नाही नि दांडीचं नाही. आम्ही सगळेच पंचेवाले नि त्याच्यापेक्षाही उघडे! शुताबितात तथ्य नाही हो! आमचा शंभूभट जन्मभर जानव्याचं सूत काढीत आला. ब्रिटीश सरकार सोडा पण रत्नांग्रीचा गिलिगन कलेक्टरदेखील कधी घाबरला नाही! तिसरं शस्त्र म्हणजे उपासाचं! इथे निम्मं कोकण उपाशी! नेहमी तुपाशी खाणाऱ्यास उपाशी माणसाचं कौतुक, आम्हास कसलं"?


Author : – Pu. La. Deshpande
Book : - Vyakti Aani Valli