Saturday, February 27, 2010

The God of Small Things


BOOK REVIEW “The God of Small Things”

Author: Arundhati Roy

Genre: Fiction, Novel

Language: English

Pages: 340

Cost: 395/-

Publisher: IndiaInk

First Published in India: 1997

“The God of Small Things” by Arundhati Roy was on my list of ‘want to read books’ for long time now. I was eager to read the book as I wanted to know why this book received so much of hype. This is Arundhati Roy’s first novel and she won “Booker Prize” for it. So I had all the reasons to read this book.

The book is set in a small town in Kerala. The narrator of this novel is Rahel who has twin brother Estha. Their mother Ammu was married to a Bengali guy but got divorced. So they all live with Ammu’s mother, brother and aunt in Ayemenem House in Kerala. This family owns pickle factory which makes them imperialist so then comes into conflict with the communists in the end. Then there is love affair between Ammu and a guy Velutha who is untouchable. Then there is accidental death of Sophie Mol who is twin’s English cousin. How these two situations change the life of each and every member of family upside down, that is this whole novel is all about.

Arundhati Roy told the story in flashback flash-forward sequences. It keeps you guessing till the end. Her way of characterization is brilliant. Characters you love to hate or hate to love. Description of Kerala is wonderful. Although story I feel is little weak, it is well narrated. The name of book “The God of Small Things” excites you immensely. After finish reading the book although you don’t feel disappointing, you don’t feel satisfied either. At least I felt so.

If I have to rate this book, I will give it 7 out of 10.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Quotes from Book "KARMACHARI"

१. "स्वत:पेक्षा जरा कमी असलेल्या माणसाशीच दुसरा मैत्री करतो. पैशाने, बुद्धीने, प्रत्येक बाबतीत दुसरा कुठे कमी आहे हे हेरल्यावरच त्या प्रांतापुरती मैत्री होते."
२. "गांधारी ..... महाभारतातील सर्वश्रेष्ठ व्यक्ती. अर्जुन, कर्ण, भीष्म, कृष्ण, ह्यासारख्या महाभारतातील प्रत्येक व्यक्तीला त्यांच्याजवळ जे होतं ते दाखवायला वाव मिळाला. विद्वत्ता, शोर्य, शक्ती सगळं उधळून टाकू शकला जो तो. कुणाची कुचंबना झाली नाही. गांधारी सर्वात श्रेष्ठ आपण होऊन अंधत्व पत्करणारी. तिने हे दिव्य कसं केलं माहित आहे? डोळ्यावरची पट्टी सोडताच सगळं विश्व आपलचं आहे, हे ओळखल्यामुळे. तो क्षण आपला. म्हणू तेव्हा उगवू शकतो, ह्या आधारावर."
३. एकाने खाल्लं तर शेण आणि सगळ्यांनी मिळून खाल्ली तर श्रावणी."
Author – Va. Pu. Kale.
Book - Karmachari

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"The White Tiger"


BOOK REVIEW “The White Tiger

Author: Arvind Adiga

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 321

Cost: 395/-

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Published in India: 2008

This is Arvind Adiga’s first book and he already won “The Man Booker Prize” for year 2008. So I was really curious to read this book for some time now. I can see why this book got appreciated in west as it contains everything that interest people of that part of world in India. It has poverty, crime, and call centre. “The white Tiger” is a story of guy who calls himself an entrepreneur, who writes letter to Chinese president visiting India as a representative of Indian Entrepreneurs. So this book is his life story, story of how he becomes entrepreneur and how he reached from poorest part of India to the richest part of India.

He born and brought up in small remote village in Bihar although author did not refer to this state by name, he called it darkness. His father is illiterate riksha puller; but he forced his son to go to school. But eventually after his father demise his grandmother this school is useless when he could earn right away by working in tea stall. But guy was ambitious and he finds his way out to become a driver of landlord of that village. How he come out of darkness to light by moving from his village to Delhi with his master. And then with the help of little crime that is murdering his boss and robbing him he starts of new life in Banglore city of call centre to become successful businessman himself.

The book is really entertaining with dark humor. Book’s tagline is “India is two countries in one: an India of light and an India of darkness”. And that’s what this book is all about. There are two different lifestyles coexist in India one for poor and other for rich. Author has brilliantly described the darkness of poor people’s life contrasting to rich people’s life. This is definitely a Must Read Book. If I have to rate this book I will give it 8 out of 10.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Quotes from Book "SATTANTAR"

1. “कला म्हणजे जाणिव आणि नेणीव यांची लग्नगाठ”
2. “Art is a Marriage of Conscious and Unconscious.
3. काळाप्रमाणे संघर्ष हा सतत वाहतच असतो. त्याला खंड असा नसतोच. असलीच तर भरती असते, पूर असतो. जेव्हा जेव्हा खाणारी तोंड भरमसाट वाढतात, गर्दी होते, तेव्हा तेव्हा संघर्ष बळावून उठतो. जेव्हा उपलब्ध अन्नात, भूमीत वाटेकरी निर्माण होतात, तेव्हा संघर्ष उचल खातो. जेव्हा अस्थिरता निर्माण होते, एखादी जात धोक्यात येते, बाहेरून परकं कोणी येतं आणि बंदिस्त टोळीत घुसू पाहतं. तेव्हा संघर्ष उतू जातो.
Author – Vyankatesh Madgulkar

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Must Read Books ........ Part 5

41. Book Name: “Karunashtak”

Language: Marathi

Author: Vyankatesh Madgulkar

Genre: Biography

Pages: 158

Cost: 100 Rs.

Publisher: Majestic Prakashan

First Published: September 1982

42. Book Name: “Duryodhan”

Language: Marathi

Author: Kaka Vidhate

Genre: Mythology, Fiction

Pages: 876

Cost: 400 Rs.

Publisher: Indrayani Sahitya

First Published: 19 December 1994

43. Book Name: “Ekach Pyala”

Language: Marathi

Author: Ram Ganesh Gadkari

Genre: Playwright

Pages: 150

Cost: 150 Rs.

Publisher: Vidarbh Marathwada Book Co.

44. Book Name: “Summer Lightning”

Language: English

Author: P.G. Woodhouse

Genre: Novel, Comedy

Pages: 255

Publisher: A Penguin Book

45. Book Name: “Asa Mi Asami”

Language: Marathi

Author: Pu. La. Deshpande

Genre: Novel, Comedy

Pages: 124

Cost: 60 Rs.

Publisher: Mauj Prakashan

First Published: 1964

46. Book Name: “Binodini”

Language: English

Original Book:Chokhar Bali

Language: Bengali

Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Translator: Krishna Kriplani

Genre: Novel, Fiction

Publisher: Sahitya Academy

First Published: 1959

47. Book Name: “Padghavali”

Language: Marathi

Author: Go. Ni. Dandekar

Genre: Novel, Fiction

Pages: 222

Cost: 125 Rs.

Publisher: Mauj Prakashan

First Published: 1955

48. Book Name: “Bhargav”

Language: Marathi

Author: Kaka Vidhate

Genre: Biographical Novel, History

Pages: 678

Cost: 400 Rs.

Publisher: Indrayani Sahitya

First Published: 24 July 2002

49. Book Name: “Pravasi Pakshi”

Language: Marathi

Author: Kusumagraj (Vi. Va. Shirwadkar)

Genre: Poems

Pages: 106

Publisher: Popular Prakashan

First Published: 1989

50. Book Name: “Swami”

Language: Marathi

Author: Ranjit Desai

Genre: Biographical Novel, History

Pages: 417

Cost: 140 Rs.

Publisher: Mehta Publishing House

First Published: August 1962