Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"The White Tiger"


BOOK REVIEW “The White Tiger

Author: Arvind Adiga

Genre: Fiction

Language: English

Pages: 321

Cost: 395/-

Publisher: Harper Collins

First Published in India: 2008

This is Arvind Adiga’s first book and he already won “The Man Booker Prize” for year 2008. So I was really curious to read this book for some time now. I can see why this book got appreciated in west as it contains everything that interest people of that part of world in India. It has poverty, crime, and call centre. “The white Tiger” is a story of guy who calls himself an entrepreneur, who writes letter to Chinese president visiting India as a representative of Indian Entrepreneurs. So this book is his life story, story of how he becomes entrepreneur and how he reached from poorest part of India to the richest part of India.

He born and brought up in small remote village in Bihar although author did not refer to this state by name, he called it darkness. His father is illiterate riksha puller; but he forced his son to go to school. But eventually after his father demise his grandmother this school is useless when he could earn right away by working in tea stall. But guy was ambitious and he finds his way out to become a driver of landlord of that village. How he come out of darkness to light by moving from his village to Delhi with his master. And then with the help of little crime that is murdering his boss and robbing him he starts of new life in Banglore city of call centre to become successful businessman himself.

The book is really entertaining with dark humor. Book’s tagline is “India is two countries in one: an India of light and an India of darkness”. And that’s what this book is all about. There are two different lifestyles coexist in India one for poor and other for rich. Author has brilliantly described the darkness of poor people’s life contrasting to rich people’s life. This is definitely a Must Read Book. If I have to rate this book I will give it 8 out of 10.

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