Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Review "ZOMBI"



Author: Anand Yadav
Genre: Autobiography
Language: Marathi
Pages: 371
Cost: 100 Rs.
Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
First Published: December 1987

Anand Yadav is one of the well known authors in Maharashtra today for two of his books mostly. One is ‘Natrang’ on which very popular and appreciated Marathi movie made of the same. And the other book was ‘Santsurya Tukaram’ which is Biographical novel on ‘Saint Tukaram’. This book did not go well with ‘Varkari Sampraday’ and he was in news for many days.
‘Zombi’ is his another novel which won ‘Sahitya Akademi Award’ in 1990. The novel is autobiogeaphical story of Anand Yadav of his younger days. Zombi literally means wresting or fighting. Anand Yadav in his childhood days had to fight his way through just to complete his education. And his fight was against none other than his own father. Novel is account of his farmer father who thinks his son's education not only unaffordable but also useless, his loving and hardworking mother, and his life of utter poverty.
Yadav wrote his autobiography in four parts. First part is "Zombi", second one is "Nangarani" (Cultivation of the soil”), third is "Gharabhinti" (meaning “housewalls”), and fourth is "Kachawel" (meaning “a vine of pieces of glass”).
This is must read book especially for urban people. It makes us realize how lucky are we? If I have to rate this book I will give it 9 out of 10.
The following is a list of Anand Yadav’s other literary work,
·       1960 naMtarcaI saamajaIk  isqataI AaiNa saaihtyaataIla navao pa`vaah
·        saaihtyaacaI inaima-taI pa`ik`yaa
·        ga`amaINa saaihtya: svar}pa va samasyaa
·        ga`amaINataa: saaihtya AaiNa vaastava
·        ga`amasaMskRtaI
·        marazI saaihtya: samaaja AaiNa saMskRtaI
·        marazI laGauinabaMQaacaa [itahasa
·        klaocao kataDo
·        saaihityakacaa gaava
·        Aaidtaala
·        saOinak hao, taumacyaasaazI
·        SaovaTcaI laZa[-
·        Aatmacair~a maImaaMsaa
·        JaaoMbaI
·        naaMgarNaI
·        GariBaMtaI
·        kacavaola
·        gaaotaavaLa
·        Baya
·        maa{]laI
·        naTrMga
·        BaUmaIknyaa
·        {KaDlaolaI JaaDM
·        JaaDvaaTa
·        spaSa-kmaLo
·        maaLavarcaI maOnaa
·        paaNaBavaro
·        DvarNaI
·        KaLaL
·        maLyaacaI maataI
·        maataIKaalacaI maataI
·        maayalaokrM
·        eklakaoMDa
·        Garjaava[-
·        {gavataI manao
·        laaoksaMKyaa &aanaoEvar
·        saMtasaUya- taukarama

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