Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Last Don


BOOK REVIEW “The Last Don”

Author: Mario Puzo
Genre: Fiction
Language: English
Pages: 482
Publisher: Mandarin
First Published: 1996

God of Crime fiction Mario Puzo’s seventh novel, sequel to “The Godfather” is “The Last Don”. Although it is all familiar, yet it is all new and interestingly exciting. As usual the book has crime, Sicilian vengeance, but he also added in detailed the world of gambling, the famous casinos of Las Vegas and movie business of Hollywood comes alive in this book.
This book is a story of Clericuzio Family, who operates from Long Isaland. Chief of the family is Domenico Clericuzio who rules the Mafia for over 30 years. But now he wants to make his family and their businesses legitimate. He wants to fade away in the normal society. So he plants his sons, nephews and grandsons into legitimate business like restaurants, construction companies, and legalized gambling. Of course he does this with his illicit mafia power. But the Sicilian vengeance comes back to haunt him and on the verge of ruining his plans and efforts to submerge in society. The remaining family member of Santadio Family which was wiped out by Clericuzio Family one bloody evening in the past now stands between Clericuzio family’s futures.  
As usual Mario Puzo developed some amazing characters and amazing interaction between them. You will hardly find any dull moments in the book. Although it gets little of the track in between and after reading his earlier novels you feel most of the passages of the book repetitive.
If I have to rate this book I will give it 7out of 10. I think if you haven’t read or watched ‘The Godfather’ earlier then this book can be lot more enjoyable. Worth reading it never the less.

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