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Author: Bapsi Sidhwa

Genre: Fiction, Novel

Language: English

Pages: 201

Cost: Rs. 325

Publisher: Penguin Viking

First Published in India: 2006

Bapsi Sidhwa is author of the novel ‘Cracking India’, which was then adapted by filmmaker Deepa Mehta for her movie ‘Earth’. She wrote the book ‘Water’ which is adapted from Deepa Mehta’s movie of same name.

The story of novel set in 1938 of India when Mahatma Gandhi and his policies were taking hold of India. ‘Water’ is a story of 8 year old girl ‘Chuyia’. Who was married to a much old man by his family as it was the customary in that time. Only after few days of marriage Chuiya’s husband dies and she becomes a widow. So she had to shave her hade off and live in ashrams made for widows on the shore of Ganga. There she had to live her life till her death. But the girl was not ready to accept her fate easily. She met other widows who have their own sad stories which led them to the ashram like her. She met a beautiful widow name Kalyani who was to put into prostitution to run the ashram. She falls in love with a young man. So the novel tells their salvation story.

The book enlightens the troubles Hindu traditions caused to widows, it made their life worse than hell in 1938. It undermines the Hindu cast system, child marriage. The book is Must Read Book, may be not for the quality of writing but for the content.

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